Sirius Medical Billing provides full-service, nationwide billing management solutions for medical practitioners who want to specialize in patient care, not billing care.

Sirius Medical Billing can help your business:

  • Decrease office overhead
  • Increase cash flow
  • Streamline billing processes
  • Give you and your staff more time with patients.


  • Eliminating lost claims with secure and fully traceable electronic filing.
  • Tracking claims from submission to payment quickly and efficiently
  • Customizing billing and A/R reports in monthly reports
  • Answer patient insurance and billing questions.
  • Customizing our service determined by your specific needs.
  • Correcting/fixing denied and unprocessed claims with our A/R CLEAN UP TOOL.
  • Providing a seamless transition. It is easy to set up: requires no extra software or trainin
  • Patient access. Patients can call Sirius Medical Billing directly with their questions and concerns.

 Focus on your patients while Sirius Medical Billing focuses on your billing solutions!

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